Sorbothane® is one of our favoured absorber materials.
It is suitbale for all audio unit like

- Turntables
- CD-Player
- Pre-Amplifiers
- Amplifiers

Sorbothane® is a proprietary, visco-elastic polymer. Visco-elastic means that a material exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous solutions) and solids (elastic materials).

Sorbothane combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. In addition, Sorbothane is a very effective acoustic damper and absorber. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane combines all of them in a stable material with a long fatigue life.

  • Sorbothane has a low creep rate compared to other polymers (rubber, neoprene, silicone, etc.)
  • Sorbothane has a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range, compared to any other polymer.
  • Unlike fluid-based shock absorbers or foam products, Sorbothane absorbs shock efficiently for millions of cycles.
  • Sorbothane eliminates the need for metal springs to return the system to its equilibrium position after absorbing a shock.

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