OCTOPUS   New Concept for calming LP

Our Octopus is a completely new developed modular concept.
The customer could select the function, clamp or weight, the form of the knob,  the color and the weight class too.

By changing the arbor hole the Octopus changes to a clamp or to a weight.
This exchange is later possible too, by order the according arbor hole.

The usage of a clamp is reasonable in case of relatively waved LP.
By turning the knob, the LP will be fixed very strong to the arbor of your turntable. Waved LP will be straightened by the pressure and LP with low weight will be more effective calmed.

-      Important: Do not use the clamp function while rotating the turntable.



  Octopus turntable2 sehr klein

Absorber concept

The integrated absorber concept of the Octopus was developed completely new bases on the existing experiences. It was considered the vibration of the LP and also the vibrations caused by the motor or the belt of the turntable.

On the bottom side of the Octopus 8 two-layered absorber elements care for a immobilization of the LP. Hemispheres of birch wood take the vibration of the LP and transport them to overlying gel pads, which destroy the energy of the disturbing vibrations (see picture to the right)

  Duchsichtig Kugelknauf Kupfer nah
Decoupling of the turntable

The vibrations, coming from the arbor of the turntable, will be reduced by a special plastic of the arbor hole, in combination with a copper modul, which is inserted as plugin into the knob.

In case of the function "clamp" the 8 arborber has a special role. With the pressure remaining unevenesses of the LP will be balanced to a certain degree. WIthout absorber other clamp will have remaining "flutter".


Complex structure

The Octopus consists of 20 elements. The two-layered absorber elements will be exactly three-dimensionally measured and matched.

The knop of copper and the chassis of copper will be coated with a special lacquer for prevention of oxidation. The logo is a patinized coinage. You could select a silver or a copper coin.

The Octopus as clamp is y very reasonable supplement to our weight for turntable PG1 or PG0



Weight with cylindric knob 230g
  with spherical knob 300g
Diameter   78mm
Height with cylindric knob 37mm
  mit with spherical knob 58mm

Price:  from 449,00 €

Light   clamp or weight   449 €

Light Vario   variable: clamp and weight (*)   489 €
Heavy    clamp or weight   599 €

Heavy Vario    variable: clamp and weight (*)   639 €
DUET Light   Light clamp and  Light Weight   799 €  instead of   898 €
DUET Heavy   Light clamp and Heavy Weight   949 €  instead of  1048 € 
Late purchase   Arbor hole:  clamp or weight   50 €

(*) Vario: You will get both arbor holes, for weight (whiite) and clamp (black)





Octopus GK zy a unten small


Konfigurationen Light Kugel Alu Mü kupfer

Oct Zyl black cu

 Oct Zyl al si

Octopus Light

Plattengewicht mit Sorbothane©
  • Gewicht ab 230g 
  • Corpus aus poliertem Aluminium (nicht magnetisch)
  • 8 Schwingungs-Dämpfungselemente aus
    Holz Hablkugel Buche, plus Polymer-Pad
  • Dornaufnahme  aus Spezialkunststoff
  • Wahlweise mit Zylinder- oder Kugel-Knauf
  • Logo: Münzprägung silber oder kupfer patiniert
  • Durchmesser 78 mm
ab 449,- € 
Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

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