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Power Cable

bPower – Power cable without sonic limitation

One of the most significant elements for a perfect sound is besides a good preparation of the power a appropriate power cable.

Our new bPower is the the result of many tests and comparisons with other good power cables. In comparison with other cables the bPower has no limitation in dynamic and power development. This could you observe very good in bass too. Thereby the bPower sounds very detailed and especially natural.

The bPower suits to powerful amplifiers and small components like
CD- player, DAC, turntables and other source components.

Technical details:

  • Wire diameter 8 x 1,5 mm² plus shield
  • Outer diameter 15 mm


  • 8 inner wire arranged in a circle
  • Cable core and inner edge of vibration-reducing synthetic material
  • Shielding jacket of effective metal braiding
  • Outer sheath and damping stocking
  • Gold-plated contacts

Elecronic effect of the cable structure:

  • Filtering without sound reducing electronic elements
  • Extinction of electronic and magnetic interference fields
    from the inside and the outside

bPower WEB

bPower Kalt WEB

bPower Stecker WEB

1    Meter                   229,- €   /  359,-€    
        1,5 Meter                   279,- €   /  409,-€
2    Meter                   339,- €   /  469,- €

Each additional meter   120,- €

Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

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