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NEW: Little Fwend

We (exclusively for Germany) proudly present this novelty to you.               Download Instruction Manual

LITTLE FWEND  is an automatic tonearm lifter, which is universally usable for just about any turntable.
No complicated mounting or installation required.

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LITTLE FWEND is simply placed on your turntable and automatically lifts your tonearm when the LP has finished playing.
Many modern design turntables provide no convenience what so ever.

LITTLE FWEND is an ingenious new device which brings back some of this convenience without sacrificing any of that top notch sound you so much appreciate.

LITTLE FWEND lifts the tonearm up at the inevitable end of a record, doing its job absolutely smoothly and quietly. From now on you can let your records play to the end without paying attention or having to worry about your precious pickup being unnecessarily worn or damaged.

LITTLE FWEND is good looking and makes your precious turntable look even better!

The process of the tonearm being lifted off the record automatically is by itself something to be seen, it complements the manual turntable function in a sensible way, leaving to you that beloved procedure of putting the record on the platter and lifting that needle to meet the groove.


Different Designs

LITTLE FWEND is universally usable for all tonearm types and sizes .

It comes in two different sizes due to varying tonearm heights.

Simply measure the distance between the tonearm’s mounting surface and the underside of the arm wand, add 2mm and chose the correct type as shown below.

Modell N  (normal)    32mm bis 49mm        feet diameter 16mm
Modell H   (high)       49mm bis 82mm        feet diameter 19mm



LittleFwend29175 big small zoom

NEW   for Technics SL-1200 / 1210

Little Disco Fwend
for Technics SL-1200 / 1210
with standard tone arm
  LDF U R 1500x1074 nah

Download Instruction Manual

Lifting Mechanism

The main attributes describing the design and operation of the lifting mechanism are safety, smoothness and silence.

It took numerous trials and tests to find the right relationship between spring compression force, travel, dampening and friction. Little Fwend lifts the tonearm smooth and controlled with minimum use of force (and a little help from Newtons fwends). Little Fwend can lift tonearms with cartridges set up to 5 grams VTF.

Release Antenna:
High carbon steel Roslau piano wire. Very low lateral force is required to release the mechanism. The cantilever will love to meet such low resistance.


LittleFwend29234 small zoom

Rubber Beam
Neoprene rubber. The high friction rubber padding lets the tonearm rest safely and stable even with the level a few degrees off both horizontally and vertically. If you´ve read this far, you´re probably the level type of audiophile.


Mounting Platform. 0.3mm mild steel disc with adhesive backing. Little Fwend is fastened to the platform through magnetic force. The axially magnetized N52-magnet in the base is strong enough to keep Little Fwend in place, but weak enough to easily reorient the trigger antenna for the various run-out groove areas. Little Fwend is readjusted in seconds. The diametrical magnetic field is very low and will not affect magnetic metals in the radius of the base.

littlefwend platform

Felix B. from The Netherlands wrote to us:
I received my Little Fwend last week and was already impressed by the beautiful and careful packing of this small tool. The mounting instructions on a small folded hard cover paper are very clear and any serious vinyl lover or audiophile will be able to install the Little Fwend without any problem. I installed the automatic tonearm lifter on a Pro-Ject 6PerspeX turntable. Although there is not so much free space on the sub-chassis to place the Little Fwend (I used the Low model) in the right position, it went smoothly. Then the exciting moment that you run the first record with the Little Fwend in position and find out that it does exactly what it promises. It lifts the tonearm smoothly at the run-out area of the record. The Little Fwend is a beautifully crafted fine mechanics tool designed by two enthusiastic Norwegian guys, a real masterpiece! Well done Marius & Lasse and thanks to bFly-audio for the comprehensive information on their Website and prompt delivery.

Modell N   Price 199,00 €
Modell H   Price 199,00 €

Little Disco Fwend   179,00 €  
for Technics SL-1200 / 1210
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

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Littlefend Montage low Model N:  Height 32mm to 49mm Littlefend Montage high Model H: Height 49mm to 82mm

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