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PURE - Our novelty

NEW  The PURE series for HiFi components and loadspeakers
          As PURE-Tube especially for Tube amplifier 

With the PURE absorber we have improved our MLA technology (Multi Layer Adjustment) significant.

To increase the broadband absorber effect the PURE implements now a gel pad on the underside.
The duration of the gel pad is adjusted to the other absorber layers and complements the layer model of the MASTER serie.
Furthermore the PURE has an additional air cell between the two aluminium layers and parallel to the Sorbothane.

So we provide our MLA Technologie additionally on a pneumatic way. The sonic result of the PURE is more details and plasticity with usual natural sound.


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Possible applications:

  • With the cork side under the feet of the device

  • directly under the base plate; for this usage we offer some variants in higher design

  • furthermore as screwable version available
    M4, M5, M6 or M8.
  • Available in aluminium polished and black


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Our new PURE absorber has a very narrow encapsulation of the single absorber layers.

The physical effect is a improved horizontal stabilisation in case of ambience. 

Lateral vibrations, mostly caused from the loadspeakers, will be elimiated better. Precisely in the case of turntables and CD players, with mechanical parts, we obtain more quite and stabil sound image.

For optimum adjustment to the weight of the device we offer different variants  in 3 different height. The height has no effect to the sound improvement.


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PURE bottom side

The complex structure of the PURE with 6 different materials are according our MLA Technology arranged on 7 layers.

So we achieve as much as possible broadband filtering of vibrations.

Very important for this result is the material Sorbothane with the attributes of liquid.

Read more about our favored absorber material Sorbothane 
and our MLA Technology

PURE oben hoch shadow WEBPURE upper side


The complex structure od the PURE series

from top to down
- granulate of cork with natural rubber
- corpus of aluminium as delimiter
- granulate of cork with natural rubber (thin)
- Sorbothane with parallel air cell 
- speciality rubber
- cap of aluminium as delimiter
- special gel pad


PURE Skizze en

PURE-Tube for tube amplifier

Our PURE-Tube absorber are designed for the construction related one-sided distribution of the weight.

The transformers of Tube Amplifiers produce by nature mechanical vibrations and so disturb the flow of signals 
within the internal boards, cables, electronic components and especially the sensitive tubes.
 These parts are major on the easier side of the amplifier.
 So the PURE-Tube absorbers consists of 2 different types.

- 2 absorber with more soft damping for the light side of the device results in an much better damping factor in this critical area.

- 2 absorber with more hard damping placed on the heavy side.


PURE absorber

MASTER-1.5 Absorber

Recommended for devices and compact loadspeakers

Absorber set with 4 pieces

  • Diameter 44 mm
  • Height:  17, 24 or 31 mm
  • Delivery contents: 4 absorber in a suitcase

    PURE-0   max.   5 kg   189,00 €
    PURE-1   max. 25 kg   199,00 €
    PURE-2   max. 45 kg   239,00
    PURE-3   max. 70 kg   289,00 €

Set from 189,00 €
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Screwable Set from 209,00 €
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

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PURE-Tube for tube amplifier

MASTER-1.5 Absorber

Recommended for Tube amplifier

Absorber set with 4 pieces

  • Diameter 44 mm
  • Height:  17, 24 or 31 mm
  • Delivery contents: 4 absorber in a suitcase

    PURE-Tube-0   max. 12 kg   195,00 €
    max. 35 kg   225,00 €      
    PURE-Tube-2   max. 55 kg   275,00

Set from 195,00 €
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Screwable Set from 215,00 €
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Online shop Online shop

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