Hochwirksame Multi-Layer Absorber

Our successful model the BaseTwo based on 30mm Multiplex plate of birch tree.
On the upper side of the PowerBase is a eloxadized plate of 3mm aluminum. This aluminum plate is bonded with an soft Polymer adhesiver. So we reach an absorption effect on the one hand. On the other hand the 3mm aluminium plate has the function
of an isolator and serves as shield for high-frequency insolation (electro smog).
These electronic feature we improved with our PowerBase by using additionally an earthing modul for deduction
of electro smog (See PowerBase)

PowerBase and BaseTwo

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PowerBase and BaseTwo 

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BaseTwo and analog accessories    
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BaseTow natur Gravur bearbeitet entzerrt-500x375BaseTwo 3mm aluminum plate on the top


BaseTwo-S-mit-Trigon frei 2000pxBaseTwo small size S 25x30cm

Our MLA-Technology:

Multi Layer: Some selective balanced Layers (Multi Layer) of different absorber materials:Sorbothane, cork, natural rubber etc.
Separated with an non-absorption Metal Layer.

Adjustment: Optimal adjustment to the weight of the Highend unit by different variants (Adjustment)

The Effectiveness

         Each Absorber Layer provides filtering 
of different frequency ranges. 
Improved cumulative effect compared to single materials.
         The sound is more detailled, structured and natural.

BaseTwo PRO schwarz

-fessional feet:
The BaseTwo has as standard feature the complex PRO feet  (see foto below).

 The PRO feet using an additional layer
of aluminum on the lower side. Because of the closely alignment to the absorber material we reduce horizontal vibrations
and improve so the total effect audible. Horizontal vibrations will be produced by the loud speakers and hit your
components from the side.

The complex structure of the PRO feet

The layer from top to down
- Massive aluminum corpus as separation layer
- 1mm granulate of cork and natural rubber
- Sorbothane (Details)
- Natural rubber
- Disc of aluminum as separation layer and
  for horizontal stabilsation
- 2mm granulate of cork and natural rubber


 PRO-Base-Fuesse Skizze

PRO-fessional feet


BaseTwo data sheet

      - Surface: 3mm fine anotized Aluminum
      - 30 mm high quality multiplex wood
      - 3 MLA Absorber feet; high adjustable
        Size L and XL has 4 MLA absorber feet
      - Dimension:  height with PRO feet 60 mm

          S      250 x 300 mm   (WxD)   
          M     440 x 350 mm   (WxD)
               500 x 400 mm   (WxD) 
          XL    560 x 460 mm   (WxD)

      - Weight:     S: 2,3 kg   M: 4,4 kg   L:  5,5 kg   XL:  7,1 kg
      - Loadable:  S und M bis 55 kg   L und XL  bis 70 kg
      - Color: black, nature

  BaseTwo PRO natur flacher frei WEB


Size  S    PRO       599,00 € / piece

Size  M    PROn     699,00 € / piece

Size  L     PRO      879,00 € / piece

Size  XL   PRO    1079,00 € / piece


Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

BaseTwo PRO natur Fuss WEB


BaseTwo PRO Fuss schwarz nah 500px




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