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NEW   The PolarX series for HiFi devices and loudspeakers

With the PolarX absorbers we have significantly refined our multi-layer technology, MLA for short.

The newly developed conductor is located on the top of the PolarX.

This conductor absorbs the vibrations of the device and directs them via a special fine thread into the corpus, where they are filtered into several levels and thus eliminated.

The black ring made of POM prevents unwanted interaction between the conductor and corpus.

The effect of the PolarX is an audibly increased resolution and plasticity with the usual natural sound.

Sound tuning by changing teh conductors

Each PolarX comes with a POM conductor. If you swap the conductor for the POM version on just one PolarX, you get a slightly softer, more analogue sound. This effect can be gradually increased by swapping the conductors on the other PolarX step by step. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the sound very precisely to your requirements.

The metal conductor is available in aluminum or copper.
Copper has a slightly earthier and more natural sound.

The conductor has a spike holder on the top and can therefore also be used for devices with spikes.



polarX mitCONDUCTOR alu cu

polarX 4500x2700 Explosion Beschriftung WEB

A customer writes to us

Dear Mr. Schäffer,
after I was gradually able to dramatically improve the performance of my system by using some of your products, it was now time to decouple my integrated amplifier. The concept of your brand new PolarX had aroused my curiosity. I had barely ordered it when I received the long-awaited package yesterday. Following your recommendation, I placed the 3 absorbers in a triangular formation under the base of my amplifier. The transformer and thus the main weight is on the left side of the device, so I placed 2 absorbers underneath, and I positioned the other PolarX on the right, in the middle under my amplifier.
After a reasonable warm-up phase, the tension rose... I played some sound files that were familiar to me and at first I couldn't believe my ears. Plucked guitar strings now flew into my living room even faster and more directly, at the same time the sound of the instruments was a little more physical and 3-dimensional than usual, even a piano now stood even more firmly in its place, had more foundation in the lower registers, everything now seemed more confident, spatially organized and a little more relaxed than before.
I had the best sound result with 3 copper conductors. My attempts to gradually replace the copper parts with the supplied POM conductors resulted in an even rounder, slightly warmer music reproduction, but at the expense of the very last precision. I personally opted for copper, although I could well imagine that in a particularly analytical, brightly tuned system the POM variant might be the better solution.
Source devices are known to react particularly negatively to microphony, which is why I have been isolating my record player, CD player and DAC with your absorbers for a long time... otherwise I would not be able to listen to music, but I could not imagine that my amplifier would also see such a big improvement! 

Another customer writes to us

I am delighted!!! This open, transparent, harmonious sound is simply amazing. The precision and clean reproduction of the individual instruments and voices, especially the bass reproduction down to the lowest ranges, really impressed me. I have never heard anything like it before (I was born in 1950). Although I have invested a lot of money in my system, including the accessories, the PolarX with the copper conductor was the icing on the cake. I wish you all the best and much success with your products!
Various material und color combinations    

polarX mitCONDUCTOR alu black WEB
polarX mitCONDUCTOR black black WEB

Possibel uses:

  • Under the device feet 

  • Directly under the base plate of the hi-fi device.
    There are versions of the PURE in a tall design for this.
  • Available in aluminium or black.

  • You can use 3 or 4 PolarX.
    When setting up three, make sure that the
    individual PolarX is not on the heavy side of the device.
        polarX mitCONDUCTOR alu cu NEU WEB

PolarX with conductor of coipper 
also available black painted

Our new PolarX have a very tight encapsulation of the absorber levels. The physical effect is an improved horizontal stabilization in the area of ​​the room sound. Lateral vibrations, usually caused by the loudspeakers, are thus eliminated even better.

Especially in the case of record players and CD players, i.e. mechanical components, we achieve an even greater calmness in the sound image.

Available in aluminum, copper or black.

        polarX 4500x2700 Conductor Kupfer WEB
    Conductor aus Kupfer -
auch schwarz lackiert erhältlich

The complex structure of the PolarX consists of 8 elements made
of 6 different materials.

These are distributed over 8 levels in a special arrangement according to our own MLA technology. This allows us to achieve a very broad-band filtering of vibrations.

The material Sorbothane, which is well-known in the HIGHEND sector, makes a significant contribution to improving the sound.You can find out more about our absorber material Sorbothane and our MLA technology here.

The music seems more relaxed, more spatial and therefore more natural.


polarX 4500x2700 Conductor scharz WEB

 Conductor of POM

Recommendation for placement

For sound reasons, we recommend positioning directly under the base of the device.

For devices with equal weight distribution,
we recommend using 4 PolarX.
Distributed in a trapezoidal shape if possible.

see sketch on the right 


  4Punkt Aufstellung 4gleiche trapez ok fl  

For devices with uneven weight distribution,
we recommend using 3 PolarX.

The single PolarX must be on the lighter side.

          3Punkt Aufstellung ok de  
If the individual absorber is placed under
the heavy side, it could be overloaded.

Unless you choose a PolarX with a higher load capacity
for the heavy side. In the case on the right at the bottom of the sketch,
a PolarX with 10 kg would be suitable.
   3Punkt Aufstellung falsch de  

Read our Report uf our customers

Unsere Alternativen:

Serie PURE:        For devices and loudspeakers
Serie MASTER:   For devices and compact loudspeakers
Serie 4TUBE        Specially designed for tube amplifiers; absorber structure as with MASTER
Serie LINE:          Lower efficiency than with 4TUBE and MASTER, due to simpler absorber structure without cork rubber
Serie TALIS:         For loudspeakers, instead of spikes
Serie b.DISC:       For HiFi devices and loudspeakers with spikes


PolarX Absorber


PolarX  für Geräte und Lautsprecher

Absorber 1 Stück

  • Durchmesser 44 mm
  • Höhe: verstellbar  26 mm bis 31 mm

  • Lieferumfang:
    - 1 Stück PolarX-Absorber
                  wahlweise mit Conductor aus Alu oderr Kupfer 
     - sowie 1 Conductor aus POM zum Klangtuning

  • Preise pro Stück
    Conductor aus Aluminium
    Aufpreis für Conductor aus Kupfer  50,- €

    bis   1 kg    139,00 €  / Stück    * Punkt = weiß
    PolarX-1        bis   4 kg    149,00 €  / Stück    * Punkt = gelb
    PolarX-2        bis 10 kg    169,00 €  / Stück    * Punkt = orange
    PolarX-3        bis 17 kg    199,00 €  / Stück    * Punkt = rot

    * Belastbarkeit ist am Absorber mit einem farbigen Punkt markiert

Stück ab 139,00 €
Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

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