FlatLine for components and loud speakers

FlatLine for components and loud speakers

With the FlatLine series we offer our approved absorber technology in a flat shape.

The FlatLine is suitable for tight spatial conditions like wall units, lowboards, racks and under loud speakers too.

The core of the FlatLine consists of special wood 3LPW, which is characterized by increasing density from inside to the outside.
The 3 different pressed layers consist of fine shavings on the top, rougher shavings in the middle and again fine shavings on the buttom. This varying density distribution, combined with the hard plastic surface, results in a very good damping characteristic.

FlatLine 3 er Stapel m WEB

     The FlatLine series is available with 2 type of feet

Basic feet

Consist of a ring of the approved granulate of cork and rubber



FlatLine Fuss Basic m WEB


PLUS feet

The PLUS feet consist of the following 2 layers

- a disc of soft polymer gel
- a ring of the approved granulate of cork and rubber

These both layers are encapsulated in a flat alumiunium cup.


   FlatLine Fuss PLUS m WEB

FlatLine: data sheet

      - Wood (3LPW) 19 mm thick
      - Size S and S/M with 3 absorber feet
      - Size M and L mit 4 absorber feet
      - Size XL with 5 absorber feet
      - Dimensions:  Width x Depth
          S       250 x 300 mm   (WxD)    
         S/M   250 x 350 mm   (WxD)    
          M      440 x 350 mm   (WxD)
                500 x 400 mm   (WxD) 
          XL     560 x 460 mm   (WxD)

      - Height:
         Basic   22 mm
         PLUS   30 mm

      - Size S and S/M: shield with logo on the side with 25 cm
      - Weight: S: 1kg  S/M 1,3kg  M: 2,5kg  L: 3,3kg  XL: 4,3kg
      - Load capacity: max. 75 kg
      - Farbe: schwarz

Size S          Basic       149,00 € / piece
                     PLUS      219,00 € / piece
Size S/M      Basic      159,00 € / piece 
                     PLUS      229,00 € / piece
Size M          Basic       189,00 € / piece
                     PLUS       269,00 € / piece

Size L           Basic       229,00 € / piece
309,00 € / piece

Size XL        Basic       259,00 € / piece
339,00 € / piece    
Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

FlatLine S PLUS m WEB 
FlatLine S with PLUS feet

FlatLine Ecke Basic m WEB
with Basic feet

FlatLine Ecke PLUS m WEB
with PLUS feet

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