LINE - Basic model

The new MK2 has on teh buttom side our approved plugin of the MASTER Serie.
The swimming bedded plugin of aluminum avoids horizontal vibrations.

Our LINE Serie with an noble aluminium case and an balanced combination of three different absorber materials.

Convenient for Hifi components and loadspeaker.

The concept of the LINE Serie based on our MLA-Technologie.
Into the LINE absorber we integrate multiple highly effective absorber material like Sorbothane and two different variants of natural rubber.
An massive alumimium case serves as vibration separator.

The multiple and different absorber materials eliminates in each case varying disturbance frequencies. Because of the cumulation of different
filtering frequencies the LINE absorbers has an much higher effenciency
compared to absorbers composed of one material.

Montage: Simply place the absorbers under the feet of your unit


LINE 4 MK2 frei flach web


Hugh B. from Paris writes:
... So given the price, the results I obtained, I d say it s not only worth every single cent but also efficient! A true affordable audiophile accesory with excellent results in terms of vibrations damping. What I also like is the "no voodoo" aspect of the product:

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4 sizes for adjustment to the weight of the equipment

 Size    Load capacity
 Diameter   Height   Price set 4 pcs
 LINE-1      5 kg  27 mm   12 mm   59,00 €
 LINE-2    10 kg  32 mm   12 mm   69,00 €
 LINE-3    20 kg  37 mm   12 mm   75,00 €
 LINE-4    45 kg  44 mm   12 mm   55,00 €


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