SATELLITE - Absorber for component casings


NEW:  SATELLITE-Q stops vibration of component casings

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Hereby we are pursuing a number of goals. First of all, the vibrations of the housing are to be eliminated. This negative effect can easily be perceived by simply tapping the middle of the case. Another important objective in our focus is weight increase and thereby stabilization.

Many HIFI components, especially source devices, are getting to be smaller and lighter. This makes them much more susceptible to vibration and room noise. The additional weight of the Satellite-Q provides more silence and stability and thus reduces microphonics.

Another reason for using a Satellite-Q is to optimize the effect of the bFly-audio absorbers. The MLA absorbers from bFly-audio are available in various weight classes (adjustment) with the aim of optimally adapting the effect of the absorbers to the weight of the device.

Insufficient loading of these absorbers significantly degrades their efficiency.

With the additional weight of the Satellite-Q, the MLA absorbers of bFly-audio are brought into their effective range and thus further increase the well known sound quality of these absorbers.

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The Satellite-Q not only impresses through its elegant design, but also solves vibration problems in a simple but effective manner. Naturally, the vibrations (amplitudes) are greatest in the middle of the housing cover. bFly-audio therefore concentrates the entire weight on the center of the component. This is achieved by means of an absorber located on the center/bottom side of the Satellite-Q. The flatter pads on the corners "float" over the case cover and only serve for protection of the component. Heavy aluminum was chosen for the body of the Satallite-Q, which has no negativ influence on the electromagnetic environment of the components it is used on.

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We offer 2 versions of the Satelllite-Q, which differ in the design of the central absorber.
In the basic version, this consists exclusively of the well proven cork rubber composite.
In addition, the PLUS version has a gel pad (red), which filters especially the low frequencies even more efficiently.
The Satellite Q is available in the colors silver and black, and in the following sizes:


M      150 x  93  x 20 mm  (LxDxH)   Weight  0,7 kg
L       200 x 124 x 20 mm  (LxDxH)   Weight   1,3 kg


             M    Basic     159,00 €  
             M    Plus       199,00 €

             L     Basic      259,00 €
             L     Plus        299,00 €





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