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Plixir The Statement

The new PLiXiR THE STATEMENT, Balanced Power Cable, is specifically designed for balanced power transmission to your hi-fi equipment.

Utilising thick gauged ultra-pure copper conductors and terminated with Furutech power connectors, their unique high-current balanced and clean-earth design ensures exceptional high current and low noise power delivery to your hi-fi system. 

When used as a standard hi-fi power cable it is exceptional for its price and performance.  However, when used in conjunction with balanced power conditioners (such as our Elite and Elementa BAC) and isolation transformer based power conditioners, their balanced design maintains and increases the noise rejection of the balanced power delivery throughout the whole chain and right up to your equipment.


        1,0  Meter                  499,- €  
        1,5  Meter                   599,- €   
2,0  Meter                   750,- €   

Other lenght on request

Price incl. VTAT, plus shipping costs


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